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BEST toys stuffing glass beads buyer warranty terms
toy stuffing weighted glass bead specifications

Toy filled with beads Specifications:
1. buyers of my company's toy filling products can be returned according to the detailed parameters of our products returned goods.
2. buyers to buy our products appear any one of the non-compliance can apply for our company to return goods (freight paid by the seller)
3. buyers to buy my company's toy beads series products do not meet the above product quality problems, such as buyers want to return can contact us to apply for return but the freight paid by the buyer.
4. If the buyer to buy our goods need to replace other types of products, by the buyer to pay the freight, we free replacement of the same value of other goods.
5. If the buyer to buy our business is not assured of our deal. We can put the buyer warranty on the contract. Or both parties may apply for a third party bank for a secured transaction. Or apply for a third party platform for secured transactions.

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