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Glass stuffing beads - children's toys are preferred[2017-05-08 11:58:30]
In the current market environment, the children's toys have to attract our attention, some of the stuffing stuff is often Jinyu its foul which, in order to save some of the cost, often choose to see where the consumer can not see the hands a
The Application of Glass Bead in Plush Toy Filling[2017-05-06 11:03:57]
Plush toys by virtue of their own modeling realistic, soft touch resistance, high security, decorative and other characteristics, once available to win the love of many people. With the plush toy market, the rapid development of many small f
Toys glass stuffing beads specifications[2017-05-04 15:56:41]
Glass beads itself has the advantages of light weight, high strength, can be a very good toy shaping effect. Glass beads also has a wear-resistant stability, high chemical stability advantages, these features can ensure that glass beads as a
The choice of stuffing and weighted material of reborn dolls[2017-04-12 15:44:10]
The reborn doll is loved by people because of its vivid appearance, especially for the lost family. So what is the material that can be filled in the doll? We need to know the composition of the reborn doll. The reborn doll is made up of th
Sieve size and mesh comparison table[2017-04-12 10:35:39]
Sieve size refers to one inch (25.4mm) in length, a total number of hole arrangement, is the number of mesh. Not 25.4 square millimeters, but in the length of a column. For example, a field shape, the left of the two holes a total length of
What are called stuffed toys beads[2017-04-10 11:30:25]
Toys stuffed with materials have already appeared, such as PP cotton, pe / pp plastic particles, resin and so on. And toys stuffed with glass beads is also in recent years only large-scale use. In the industry, said toys stuffed with glass
Toy stuffed glass beads have been issued[2017-04-07 10:21:33]
5 tons of toys filled with glass beads have been issued
What are the advantages and disadvantages of toy filling mat[2017-04-07 10:12:22]
PP cotton, PE / PP plastic particles, resin, etc. as a toy filler is well known, but then people are increasingly high awareness of green safety, people are more and more harsh stuffing materials stuffing. PP cotton, PE / PP plastic particle
BEST toys filled glass beads website officially launched[2017-04-07 09:15:11]
BEST toys filled glass beads website officially launched

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