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The advantages of weighting glass beads

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weighting glass beads
At home, it maybe a obscure concept of the weighting glass beads. But in foreign countries, the weighting glass beads has become an indispensable material in the field of filling. Weighting glass beads just as its name implies to add weight.

At abroad, there is a kind of releasing doll, they’re just trying to replicate the newborn babies. Their outer body material usually choose silica gel, in order to use silica gel to simulate the touch of human skin. Usually its inner filler is glass beads with extremely high circular rate.

Now let’s talk about why glass beads are used for heavier fillings.

1、The glass beads is stable and safe, it’s non-toxic.
2、The glass beads don’t go to bad and mould, it doesn’t breed bacteria, so it doesn’t become a source of pollution.
3、Glass beads has low heat condition, so that it has good flame retardation.
4、The glass beads have a smooth surface.
5、The glass beads are convenient and cheap.

Although in some ways the resin has the same properties as glass beads, the resin is a chemical synthesis product. And the production process is polluted, and the price is very high. To sum up, using glass beads to fill toys is a wise and cost-effective option.

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