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the advantage of glass beads stuffing and weighting plush to

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Glass beads are made of high-tech borosilicate raw materials, it has a light, low thermal conductivity, high strength, good chemical stability and so on. We generally use glass beads as a toy filler. We produce two kinds of glass beads filled with increased plush toys and rebirth dolls.
stuffing glass bead
Plush toys with particle size 2-3mm, 3-4mm, 4-5mm glass beads as fill and increase.

grinding glass bead
The reborn dolls with a diameter of about 1mm glass beads as filling the weight.

First of all, due to the quality of glass beads moderate, high-strength physical properties, can make toys have better texture and plasticity. Second, the chemical stability of the glass beads, making it as a toy filler when there is better security, do not have to worry about the filler material to the consumer harm. Again, with the modern production process is mature and perfect, we produce glass beads surface smooth, uniform size, wear stability, green security, which will make glass beads in the field of toy filling applications more mature.

At present, the existing domestic toy filler mainly for PP particles and other chemical fiber composition materials, in addition, there are rubber particles and foam particles to fill, but very few companies with glass beads as a toy filler.

PP particles of light, heat, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, non-toxic pollution, is the ideal toy filler. But at low temperatures, PP particles will become brittle, not wear and easy aging. And the price is glass beads several times.

A toy may be a child's playmate. Children as a vulnerable group, need to get more attention and care. Toy filler glass beads of choice, let us more confident to face the consumer. In the fierce competition in the market, the use of high-quality toys will make their own products more competitive market. Safe and stable glass beads as a toy filler can make their products have a better industry reputation.

Now glass beads as a new filler material is used in the field of toy filling, for the vast number of consumers is undoubtedly a huge gospel. Many foreign toy manufacturers have long used glass beads instead of pp particles and other traditional fillers to fill the toy. Glass beads are made by changing the shape of the glass by high temperature firing to produce glass beads having a diameter of about 1 to 6 mm suitable for use in toy filling. There is no chemical reaction in this process, and the glass beads have good chemical stability. After the processing of mature processing, making the glass beads surface smooth, uniform size, high hardness, into a round rate higher than 85%. Toy Filling Glass beads have good physical properties, can make toys have a good texture, and there is a certain plasticity. So the glass filled beads in the field of toy filling has a good prospect.

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