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How to choose the glass beads stuffing reborn dolls?

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weight stuffing glass beads
Reborn doll kit production from the factory out of the hollow, so reborn doll kit to assemble quality is also very light. This needs to increase the weight of the regenerated dolls. We usually use glass beads to give heavier dolls heavier.

There are many kinds of glass beads on the market, such as road marking, sandblasting, grinding and so on. What kind of glass beads do we choose to fill the doll? This requires us to choose carefully.
Road marking with glass beads in the diameter of 30um-800um, this glass beads is too small, lighter quality, as a filler, not appropriate.

Sandblasting, grinding glass beads particle size than the performance of glass beads to be larger, the largest use in the MM range. As a filling, the particle size and quality are more appropriate.

I produced a special glass beads filled with toys, particle size range of 1-5MM. And customers often buy 2-3MM or 3-4MM glass beads as a toy filling. This glass beads weight, particle size, color is very suitable for filling, but also very green green, after the equipment testing. Recommend you to use the fill.

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