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Why is the glass beads so bright?

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glass beads so bright
The glass beads produced by the various manufacturers look different, which is due to the difference in the production process. Glass beads useful natural gas burned, useful electric burned, but also useful to burn other fuels. The transparency and color of the glass beads that are burned out of different fuels are different. This also has a certain relationship with the burning temperature. In the process of firing will be added to the combustion of auxiliary combustion to help improve the temperature of the flame.
Glass beads are not smooth and translucent, the surface has some impurities, need to be cleaned. Each manufacturer's cleaning formula is not the same. Usually use an acid to clean the impurities on the glass beads, acid and impurities can be a chemical reaction, the glass beads on the surface of the metal and other impurities replaced, so that the glass beads look white and transparent.

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