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Stuffed glass beads quality standards

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Stuffed glass beads
Stuffed glass beads do not have the formal standard requirements, the market flow of filled beads have a variety of specifications. Our company according to the market reaction and customer requirements, hereby develop the following company production standards.
Our company produced the glass beads are divided into two kinds of standards.
1) a standard material: filled glass beads into a round rate of up to 80%, the remaining 20% ​​for the oval beads. Glass beads surface smooth and translucent, without any impurities.
These standards are filled with beads according to the customer's response after use, very satisfied. There is no problem with metal and other environmental testing.
2) two standard material: filled glass beads into a round rate of 65%, containing trace impurities, but impurity content ≤ 0.5%, and does not contain heavy metals. Glass beads surface crystal clean.
Although the secondary standard material to reduce the round rate and other requirements, but does not contain heavy metals, so the use of toys and other industries to fill and acceptance is not a problem, to meet the general requirements of customers.
As far as I know, plush toys fill, the customer will come to the glass beads for metal testing, open the bag to accept the fineness of glass beads, and our glass beads to solve the customer's two most concerned about the problem.
1) filled with glass beads do not have edges and corners, that is, micro-beads industry often said that the raw sand. When the toy company buys the toy, it will use the net pocket to hold the glass beads. With the edges and corners of the glass beads will break the net pocket, and liquidity is also poor. The so-called liquidity is to fill the industry requirements for glass beads, because the beads are round, in the object can be rolling, so that glass beads will not cause clogging and backlog.
2) filled with glass beads must be environmentally friendly, this is better understood, because most of the filling objects are toys or other auxiliary supplies, children more contact, so glass beads is responsible for personal safety.

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