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Application of Glass Beads Filler

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glass beads filler
Glass is made of borosilicate raw materials, glass beads are glass beads of the state, the composition and the composition of glass beads is exactly the same. Colleagues glass beads also have the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength, good chemical stability and so on. The production process of glass beads is a simple process of physical change, so the composition of the glass beads did not change the nature, or simply changed the shape.
Glass beads according to the size of the size is generally divided into glass beads and glass beads, but also because of the different size of beads, glass beads are widely used in many fields. Today we have to read the glass beads as a toy filled in the field of toys to fill the application.
We generally use more than 2mm diameter glass beads as a toy filler. Glass beads light, high-strength physical properties, can make toys have better texture and plasticity. Because of this good physical characteristics, making it in the toy filling has a unique advantage.
Glass beads low thermal conductivity, with good flame resistance, which is other toys do not have the advantages of filler. Moreover, the glass filled beads itself, the physical and chemical properties of stability will not occur mildew, will not breed bacteria.
The production process of glass beads is only a simple physical change, there will be no secondary pollution, as a filler is safe and non-toxic. Glass beads have a good texture, and uniform size, smooth surface without cutting-edge
As the modern production process is mature and perfect, we can make the glass beads have a smooth surface, uniform size, wear stability and other characteristics. So our mature production process will make glass beads in the field of toy filling applications more mature.

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