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Plush toys filled with glass beads

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plush toy stuff glass beads
Today I would like to share with you the next glass bead stuffed plush toys. Plush toys, plastic materials can be divided into two (in China as early as the use of wire deformation of the skeleton of plastic toys) is a kind of polyethylene particles are glass beads, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, we are here to see They are the difference between the two. Polyethylene particles are a tiny granular object, they are food grade plastic particles, so they are non-toxic. They were no longer used in the past and recovered. So use plush toys with polyethylene particles you do not have to worry about his damage to the baby. But the technology in the development of the times in progress, polyethylene particles as a toy accessories prices have been improved, and plush toys market prices remain basically unchanged or floating very little. Enterprises follow the market changes and change. In an environment where prices are now changing and costs are increasing, it requires companies to look for alternative materials that are less costly without changing their quality and safety.

Here I recommend glass beads.
Glass beads according to the size of different with the person's feel and touch is not the same. And most people know that the material of glass beads and our daily use of the glass is the same material of different shapes only. So basically glass products are food-grade materials. There will be no difference in the industrial and edible forms above the polyethylene particles. Do not worry about buying the material can not use the problem. And glass beads because of its physical properties so most people are acceptable, unless you are temperature sensitive.
Plush toys as our hand face and other sensitive parts often contact, so the safety of our first to take into account the problem, but whether it is polyethylene particles or glass beads in this regard are not considered. Its safety is even greater than the safety of the toy fabric. In our usual access to the items inside, polyethylene and glass basically occupied the whole of our lives.
In terms of cost. Now the market price of polyethylene in about ten thousand yuan per ton, while the price of glass beads in about 4500 yuan per ton. And the amount of polyethylene particles used in the use of much larger than the use of glass beads (because the proportion of glass beads is about twice the polyethylene particles). So enterprises in the selection of raw materials from the aspects of cost-effective aspects. Glass beads to be much larger than the cost of polyethylene particles. However, in the production of production. Plush toys filled with glass beads as a new type of industry products, its production requires professional equipment and technology. However, the production of polyethylene particles does not require professional equipment and production process, which is generally in some industries waste can be processed as a result of simple processing. So the glass beads filled in the international market above the inventory is much smaller than the amount of polyethylene particles inventory.
But if you are in terms of cost and safety and quality considerations, I suggest you use glass beads here. Whether it is 2-3mm or 3-4mm glass beads will reduce the cost of a large part of your.
I bought the glass beads that were purchased in China at www.toyglassbeads.com. You can also ask a few more about it.

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