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Weighted glass beads stuffing toys efficient selection

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eight glass bead stuff toy
Weighted glass beads may be in the country or a relatively uncommon concept, and in foreign countries to increase glass beads is an indispensable synonym for filling the field. Increased glass beads, as the name suggests is used to increase the weight of glass beads. The biggest use of this glass bead is to increase the weight.

I have such a bionic doll, they are there to imitate the newborn. Their body material is generally used in the silicone. With silica gel to simulate the human skin touch. It is filled with the content is selected into a very high rate of glass beads. Choose glass beads.
Here we talk about why use glass beads to do to increase the filler.
1, glass beads itself is stable, safe and non-toxic
2, glass beads will not qualitative change, mildew, will not breed bacteria will not become a source of pollution
3, glass filled beads low thermal conductivity, with good flame retardant
4, glass beads surface smooth no tip
5, glass beads high hardness, with good shaping performance
6, glass beads have a good quality and texture
7, easy to draw, quality and cheap
8, glass beads production process without secondary pollution, and no pollution to the environment
In summary, glass beads used to increase the glass beads used to fill the toy is a wise choice to save costs, although the resin in some areas and glass beads have the same performance, but the resin for the chemical synthesis of products, the production process Pollution, and the price of resin is extremely high, used to increase the filling cost is too high! Increased filling beads generally each bionic doll to fill 3-4kg, glass beads cheap, choose glass beads as augmented filling, is absolutely low cost and high efficiency select!
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