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What kind of toy stuffing weighted glass bead pellets to sui

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My company export a large number of toys stuffing glass beads, the customer response, the toys stuffing glass beads must be solid color without impurities, with sharp edges and corners of the glass beads are unqualified. And toys do not have to fill the beads are round, often round glass beads used in grinding.
round glass beadsstuffing glass beads
Toys stuffing glass beads are more than 2mm in diameter. Usually the customer requires 3-4mm glass beads. Toys that use this type of glass beads are regenerated dolls (vinyl) and plush dolls. Put the glass beads in a reticulated small bag, nylon bag or plastic bag. These small glass beads filled in the dolls in the body to play the purpose of weighing.So the toy filled beads is also called weighted glass beads。
weighted glass beadsweighing stuffing glass beads toy
Such as plush dolls, stuffing glass beads on the bottom of the toy bag, like tumbler, so that the center of gravity to reduce, so that dolls can stand up. This doll looks more close to nature, with a modern beauty.
toy stuffing to standtoys filled beauty
The weight of glass beads is much larger than that of plastic particles. In the case of toy production, the use of glass beads is much smaller than that of plastic particles in the same weight. The unit price of glass beads is also cheaper than that of plastic particles. Thus greatly saving the cost of production.

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