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High quality toy stuffing should have the characteristics

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weighting stuffing glass beads
High quality toy stuffing glass beads should have the characteristics
A good sense of filling a toy is not just just by filling the appearance of the toy material, a good filler on the texture of the toy is also a great role, want to be a good toy filler, should have the following characteristic
1 toy filler shall not contain a sharp, sharp foreign body, should be non-toxic and not easy to breed pathogens substances
2 toy stuffing should not be irritating and not easy to cause allergies
3 does not have flammable and explosive and other dangerous features
4 The chemical properties of the toy filler must be stable and safe, not irritating odor.
5 toy filler must have a certain degree of cleanliness, clean and sanitary.
6 toy stuffing to have a very high round rate, and the size must be uniform, the only way to give toys a better feel and texture.
7 In addition, from the viewpoint of economic efficiency, toy filler is used as raw material of product, and consideration is given to the cost of toy filling. Reduce costs and improve efficiency.
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