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Increase the advantages of weighted stuffing glass beads

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weighted stuffing glass beads
Weighted stuffing glass beads are made of broken glass, flat glass and other raw materials from high temperature melting beads from processing. With low thermal conductivity, high strength, good chemical stability and other glass all the advantages. It is due to the stability of the glass beads of physical and chemical properties, coupled with the glass beads of their own texture, so the glass filled beads in the field of toy filling has a good use.

1, Weighted stuffing glass beads light, high-strength physical properties, can make toys have better texture and plasticity. Due to this good physical characteristics, making it in the toy filling has a unique advantage

2, Weighted stuffing glass beads low thermal conductivity, with good flame retardant, which is other toys do not have the advantages of filler. Moreover, the glass filled beads itself, physical and chemical properties of stability will not occur mildew, will not breed bacteria.

3, due to the modern production process is mature and perfect, we can achieve weighted stuffing glass beads surface smooth, uniform size, round rate higher than 90%. So our mature production process will make weighted stuffing glass beads in the field of toy filling applications have a broader prospect.

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