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The application of weighted glass beads in toy filling

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weighted glass beads
First of all, we have to analyze the existing plush toys in the country with the main filler for the PP fiber and other chemical fiber materials, and the use of plastic particles, foam particles to fill, a small part of the enterprise with weight glass beads as a toy filler The Glass beads are mainly exported to foreign toy manufacturers.

PP cotton is made of polypropylene artificial chemical fiber, although fluffy strong, light and beautiful appearance, but it is poor flame retardation, easy to breed bacteria. Due to the production process. Will inevitably limit the finished product is likely to carry the adverse chemical composition of the human body, plastic particles are also due to material and production process problems, and pp cotton has the same shortcomings, it is difficult for consumers to rest assured.

Weighted glass beads are made from borosilicate raw materials by high-tech processing. With low thermal conductivity, high strength, good chemical stability and so on. And his production process only occurred in the physical changes, but simply the state of the glass beads. But because of their own material constraints, it is difficult to completely replace as the only filler, generally available for small dolls, doll bottom, the base of the fill. Its stable physical and chemical properties, can let us absolutely safe for its security.

So the weighted glass beads is bound to gradually replace the traditional filler for filling toys. Its safety standards will also further promote the plush toy safety standards.
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