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Requirements for toy stuffing

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toy stuffing
Requirements for toy stuffing

1 play the filler should not exist because of its own shape structure design and manufacture and constitute a hazard, can not threaten the toy users and third parties personal safety.

2 toy stuffing shall not contain a sharp, sharp foreign body, should be non-toxic and not easy to breed pathogens substances

3 toy stuffing should not be irritating and not easy to cause allergies

4 Do not use flammable and explosive materials as a filler

5 The chemical properties of the toy filler must be stable and safe, not irritating odor.

toy stuffing must have a certain degree of cleanliness, clean and sanitary.

7 toys outsourcing material quality must pass, one side because of rupture caused by leakage of filler, making children eat.

8 The contents of the filler and the possible hazards shall be indicated in the label and instructions of the toy

In today's market environment, only the choice of simple material, low prices, chemical stability of the filler in order to allow consumers to be assured.

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