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The application of glass beads in sandblasting and their adv

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blasting glass beads

Glass bead itself qualitative hard, smooth surface round, can be widely used in metal mould polishing or metal surface strengthening treatment technology such as a feature of abrasive, can be used for sand blasting equipment. It can also be used as abrasive material.

Using different sizes of glass beads and different operating parameters, beads of glass will achieve different gloss on the surface of the workpiece. So we can make a special decorative effect by choosing a local area to cover the controlled sandblast.

Glass beads at the same time also is widely used in with residual tension or periodic pressure surface of workpiece processing, produce compressive stress layer, to achieve surface strengthening.

Advantages of glass beads:

1, Using glass beads to make sandblasted artifacts can have a good gloss.

2. Using glass beads to strengthen the surface of the workpiece can reduce the potential dangers of surface erosion or surface fatigue.

3. It is economical to use glass beads for surface treatment, and it is highly controllable.

4, Glass beads, has a strong chemical stability and is non-toxic, in use process will not remain with lron substances or other pests in the surface, not easy to rust corrosion, also won't bring pollution to the environment.

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