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weighted glass beads for the safety standards of the plush t

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weighted glass beads
Plush toys face sales groups mainly for children under the age of 10, so the safety requirements are high. Plush toys generally have to assess the six safety standards:
1, packaging film must be effective in preventing children from suffocation

2, the fabric should have a good flame retardant

3, toys with removable small parts should prevent children from eating

4, toys can not be dismantled components should be assembled firmly to prevent children from eating

5, toys, stuffed things should be safe and non-toxic, to prevent mold into a source of pollution

6, toys with hard parts should be no sharp sharp edge, to prevent children's skin cut

From the above six safety standards, the safety requirements for plush toys is still very high. So what is the advantage of using glass beads instead of the traditional plush toy stuffing?

1, glass beads with high physical and chemical stability, both good flame retardant and safe not mildew

2, the production process of glass beads is simply a physical change, there will be no secondary pollution, the most filler is safe and non-toxic

3, glass beads high hardness, with good shaping performance.

4, glass beads have a good texture, and uniform size, smooth surface without cutting-edge

So the glass beads as a toy filler for plush toys to achieve safety standards have a positive role in promoting.

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