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Glass stuffing beads - children's toys are preferred

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glass stuffing bead
In the current market environment, the children's toys have to attract our attention, some of the stuffing stuff is often Jinyu its foul which, in order to save some of the cost, often choose to see where the consumer can not see the hands and feet, poor quality Pp surface, cotton products, the remaining waste, will be used to act as a toy filler. One can imagine how dangerous these things are to children.

Glass beads as a new filler material is used in the field of toy filling, the vast number of consumers is undoubtedly a huge gospel. As early as a lot of foreign toy manufacturers have long used glass beads instead of pp surface and other traditional fillers used to fill toys. Glass beads are made by changing the shape of the glass by high temperature firing to produce glass beads with a diameter of 1 to 6 mm suitable for use in toy filling. There is no chemical reaction in this process, and the glass beads have good chemical stability. After the processing of mature processing, making the glass beads surface smooth, uniform size, high hardness, into a round rate higher than 90%. Toy Filling Glass beads have good physical properties that allow filled toys to have a good texture and have some plasticity. And good chemical stability of glass beads so that we in the future use of more assured.

Children as vulnerable groups, but also need to get more attention and care. Toy filler glass beads choice, so I am more confident to face the consumer, in the fierce competition in the market, with high-quality toys will make their own products more competitive market. Safe and stable glass beads as a toy filler can make their products have a better industry reputation.

Complete production chain, improve the processing technology, mature production technology and management, greatly improving the production standards for glass beads. High standard requirements, strict production can make glass beads better adapted to the field of toy filling. Low-cost, high-return glass beads will be the leader in the field of toy stuffing.

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