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Toys glass stuffing beads specifications

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2mm glass beads
Glass beads itself has the advantages of light weight, high strength, can be a very good toy shaping effect. Glass beads also has a wear-resistant stability, high chemical stability advantages, these features can ensure that glass beads as a toy filler safety, so that the majority of consumers rest assured that the use.

Glass beads production process is the glass sand by high temperature firing firing cooling molding, through the vibrating screen filter we need to select the size of the specifications. This is a physical change process. Toys filled with glass beads are generally used in diameter between 1-6mm.
4mm glass beads
1, the production of glass beads using high-quality glass of raw materials to ensure that the production of glass beads of good color.

2, toys filled with glass beads with glass yarn is only different in diameter glass beads, the material composition does not change, the main components are sio2.

3, in order to make the filling after the toy forming effect is good, feel good, so the shape of the glass beads, uniform size requirements, glass beads into a round rate higher than 90%, screening is to strictly check, Make sure the glass beads are uniform in size.

4, because the toy is part of the skin care products, so in the production process, we must pay attention to the safety of production products.

5, the choice of glass beads must be smooth surface, no impurities.

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