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The choice of stuffing and weighted material of reborn dolls

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The reborn doll is loved by people because of its vivid appearance, especially for the lost family. So what is the material that can be filled in the doll?
We need to know the composition of the reborn doll. The reborn doll is made up of three parts, the exterior hollow doll and the rigid plastic appearance, the internal stuffing material and the internal weighting material.
The external appearance of the Reborn Dolls can be designed, which we can freely control, but the internal filling material and add material but hualiaoyan.
There are many internal fillers. Commonly used beans, grains, cotton and so on, we put this kind of stuffing material called food grade filler, this kind of stuffing material is easy to rot and deterioration, so as to recruit bug mosquitoes, rebirth doll can not use.
The market mainly uses PP cotton, cotton processing polyester synthetic inorganic artificial cotton. This kind of filling material does not absorb water, does not rot, safe non-toxic.
Weighted material is also a kind of stuffing material, mainly in order to increase the weight of the newborn baby, to achieve the effect of the weight of the real doll. Widely used poly pellets and glass beads. The use of glass beads, because the glass beads have all the characteristics of polyester particles, in the same weight, the volume of glass beads is the volume of polyester particles 1/2-1/3, and glass beads smooth, smooth flow.

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