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Sieve size and mesh comparison table

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Sieve size and mesh comparison table
Sieve size, calculated
Sieve size refers to one inch (25.4mm) in length, a total number of hole arrangement, is the number of mesh. Not 25.4 square millimeters, but in the length of a column. For example, a field shape, the left of the two holes a total length of 25.4, then it is two heads, not four head.
Methods of calculating the mesh: 25.4 / (+ wire diameter aperture) = number.
Screen calculation formula
First, the mesh size: W = L ÷ n-d, W-mesh average size (mm), L-adjacent mesh length (mm), d-wire average diameter (mm).
Second, the sieve size: one inch number of a mesh having a length (25.4mm).
1 mesh = 1 aperture + 1 wire diameter / inch = mesh / 25.4mm
Third, the mesh logarithmically = 25.4mm ÷ (+ wire diameter aperture)
Fourth, seeking mesh size = 25.4mm ÷ mesh - wire diameter

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