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Poly pellets and glass beads as the difference between the w

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poly pellet vs glass beads
Today we're going to talk about the choice of the padding for the weighted blanket. There are two main options for weighting blanket: poly pellets and glass beads, let us look at what they are different, the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.
Well, there are two different kinds of fillers I use: poly pellets are small, round plastic sheets. They are non-toxic and have not been recovered or used before.Poly pellets are like the use of small pebbles as blanketsFor many people, this is not a problem at all. But for some people, poly pellets or pebbles are a sensory destroyer. So if the texture of the tiny pebbles in your blanket really bothers your sleep, recommend glass beads.
Glass beads are like sandy, even finer than most sand on most man-made beaches. The weight of the glass beads is much larger than the poly pellets, so it makes the blankets have a better shape. However, due to the sand inside the blanket feel, feel very smooth, and does not have the characteristics of poly pellets. Under the same weight, the polyester particles are about two or three times the volume of the glass beads.
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