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What are the advantages and disadvantages of toy filling mat

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Plush toy stuffed material
PP cotton, PE / PP plastic particles, resin, etc. as a toy filler is well known, but then people are increasingly high awareness of green safety, people are more and more harsh stuffing materials stuffing. PP cotton, PE / PP plastic particles, resin and other toy filler on some powerless. Today I will bring you new toy filler - glass beads.
We take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these kinds of toys filler:
PP cotton as a toy filler, its soft and comfortable feel, warm features, as we like. But PP cotton airtight, a long time, easy to deformation. And thus affect the shape of the toy.
PE / PP plastic particles are themselves non-toxic, but during the processing, PE / PP plastic particles will add additives, these additives are toxic. For children's toys, this is not allowed.
Natural resin at room temperature is solid, but after heating, easy to melt. Transparency is not high, synthetic resin is PP plastic material. So the resin as a toy filler is also hidden.
3-4mm glass beads can be used as a filler for toys. Glass beads non-toxic, round cut, glass transparency is high. The hardness of the glass beads is not low (Mohs hardness 6-7). So 3-4mm glass beads are fully suitable for toy filling material.

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