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Application of Glass Beads Filler[2017-07-04 14:48:57]
Glass beads according to the size of the size is generally divided into glass beads and glass beads, but also because of the different size of beads, glass beads are widely used in many fields. Today we have to read the glass beads as a toy
Plush toys filled with glass beads[2017-06-26 08:52:19]
Today I would like to share with you the next glass bead stuffed plush toys. Plush toys, plastic materials can be divided into two (in China as early as the use of wire deformation of the skeleton of plastic toys) is a kind of polyethylene p
Glass stufffing beads application prospects[2017-06-21 13:57:42]
Glass beads are made of high-tech borosilicate raw materials, particle size of 10-250 microns, wall thickness of 1-2 microns. It has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength, good chemical stability and so on.
Weighted glass beads stuffing toys efficient selection[2017-06-19 17:35:29]
Weighted glass beads may be in the country or a relatively uncommon concept, and in foreign countries to increase glass beads is an indispensable synonym for filling the field. Increased glass beads, as the name suggests is used to increase
What kind of toy stuffing weighted glass bead pellets to sui[2017-06-17 16:31:52]
My company export a large number of toys stuffing glass beads, the customer response, the toys stuffing glass beads must be solid color without impurities, with sharp edges and corners of the glass beads are unqualified. And toys do not have
High quality toy stuffing should have the characteristics[2017-06-10 16:15:08]
A good sense of filling a toy is not just just by filling the appearance of the toy material, a good filler on the texture of the toy is also a great role, want to be a good toy filler, should have the following characteristic
Poly pellets and glass beads as the difference between the w[2017-06-05 16:26:44]
Today we're going to talk about the choice of the padding for the weighted blanket. There are two main options for weighting blanket: poly pellets and glass beads, let us look at what they are different, the advantages and disadvantages of
The application of weighted glass beads in toy filling[2017-05-22 09:28:56]
First of all, we have to analyze the existing plush toys in the country with the main filler for the PP fiber and other chemical fiber materials, and the use of plastic particles, foam particles to fill, a small part of the enterprise with w
Increase the advantages of weighted stuffing glass beads[2017-05-22 09:08:15]
Weighted stuffing glass beads are made of broken glass, flat glass and other raw materials from high temperature melting beads from processing. With low thermal conductivity, high strength, good chemical stability and other glass all the adv
The main purpose of glass beads[2017-05-17 09:18:19]
Glass beads in the application of the following main purposes:1,Road marking reflective glass beads are divided into two kinds of drop-on and premixed type, drop-on type is used as the normal temperature and hot melt when the surface constru

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